Monthly Meeting of the Stonegate HOA 9 Mar 2004


An election was held even though it was barely announced. The current board had gained enough proxies to re-elect themselves.


Last month:

New Business

Speed hump: still not here.

A stop sign has been installed at Mystic Ridge.

One resident in attendance who went through a stop sign, was caught. He fought ticket and won, saying that the sign was obscured by foliage.

An Overland house four houses away from Bell Canyon was burglarized for $40,000. The day before Valentine's day.

Illegal Street Vendors

One owner is trying to rid the intersection of Valley Circle and Bell Canyon of illegal fruit vendors.

Stopping there is illegal.

To stop the vendors, call the LAPD non-emergency number. Mike Antonovich is also working on it. There have been accidents at that corner.


New buyers got certification of no violations when purchasing their house. Then they got notice from HOA of an antenna. They want the HOA to pay. They agreed to ask the selling agent (Evelyn Waterman) why the problem wasn't disclosed at the time of purchase.

Loud Music

A rock and roll band is practicing across the street from Stagg/Penobscot.

The board advised to call officer Peter Vandenberg and he'll come.

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