Monthly Meeting of the Stonegate HOA 9 Dec 2003


Last month:

This month:

The board just wrote a $50,000 check to cover:

Old Business

Speed Humps
The board has paid $2900 for a speed hump on Overland between Penobscot and Wiscasset.
There have been no new meetings about making the community gated.

There was debate over whether 50% would agree to gating.

Mystic Ridge
Mystic Ridge will have CC&R's and an Architecture committee.

New Business

The landscape subcommittee issued its report.

The board indicated that a green belt is needed for fire prevention.

The HOA maintains 1 million square feet of land.

Myoporum being tried as new plant to cover bare areas. It is supposed to be drought resistant.

Mystic Ridge is almost done.

Dec 17: Linda will put her house on the market


One mailbox on Penobscot was knocked over, and one on Wiscasset.
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