24 Apr 2005 Stonegate Landscape Survey

Survey Area

During this survey we covered these areas:
  1. Between Wiscasset and Penobscot
  2. Between Penobscot and Stonegate

Issues Identified

Between Wiscasset and Penobscot

Picture 1: 7559 Penobscot: Above the driveway the drain is plugged.
Picture 2: 7535 Penobscot: Drain is too high to be effective.
Picture 3: 24616 Stagg: Behind this house there are two drains. One needs a cover.

Between Penobscot and Stonegate

Picture 4: 7648 Penobscot: There is a clogged drain on the Stagg side.
Picture 5: Down the hill a cover is broken.
Picture 6: 24702 Stonegate: A drain is plugged with a pool of water accumulating. Needs Rescue Rooter. Also Rescue Rooter is needed to unplug a root ball in drain at 24648 Stonegate.
Picture 7: 24702 Stonegate: An acacia root is pushing the fence.
Picture 8: 24559 Overland: A drain is blocked.
Picture 9: 24567 Overland: A drain is blocked.
Ivan said that some of the broken covers have been replaced. The HOA has also paid for mesh to fix ones that were damaged or missing. Those repairs have not yet been verified.
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