6 Nov 2004 Stonegate Landscape Survey

Survey Area

During this survey we covered these areas:
  1. West of Wiscasset in the Hills
  2. North of Stagg in the Hills
  3. Between Carmenita and Graystone
  4. Between Stonegate and Carmenita

Issues Identified

West of Wiscasset in the Hills

North of Stagg in the Hills

Picture 1: 24649 Stagg: A pile of pallets and picket fence material is next to the fence in the HOA area at the west end of Stagg on the north side.
Picture 2: Behind 24517 Stagg (West of Stagg near Graystone) Stagg, the drainage swale is clogged with silt.

Between Carmenita and Graystone

Picture 3: Behind 7533 Graystone the drain has been covered with mesh.
Picture 4: At 7520 Carmenita the owner had complained about weeds. Crab grass appears to be on the owner's side of the fence.
Picture 5: On the slope below the 3-house driveway, above Graystone, next to 24549 Stonegate, the plants are getting better after the underwatering.
Picture 6: Also near the 3-house driveway above Graystone, same place, the slope has been replanted with Vinca.
Picture 7: The weeping willow in front of 24561 Stonegate needs trimming.
Picture 8: At 24567 Stonegate, poplars on the hill near Stonegate still need removal.

Between Stonegate and Carmenita

Picture 9: At 7501 Carmenita the swale above the pool needs serious cleaning. Lots of dirt is in the swales and is clogging the drains. Also, the next home (7507 Carmenita) towards Stagg has a worse clog.

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