2014 CC&R Review

(This is the short list of proposed changes for this year. The full list of changes to consider longer-term is here.

Rules Changes (require only a board vote)

  1. Y N [CHANGE] Relax "no storage in any garage spot" rule. Section VI.J of the Rules is flawed. The intent is good (getting people to keep cars in the garage), but it is badly worded. Instead the first sentence should read, "No vehicle shall be parked in the driveway for an extended period when there is at least one space in the garage without a vehicle." (Note that there is no rule saying people can't park in their driveways, only that they are supposed to park in the garage if it isn't already full of cars. In fact, parking in the driveway is required if the driveway isn't full of cars but the garage is full of cars.)
  2. Y N [REMOVE] Fix Rules to only allow one sign. The CC&Rs restrict the number of signs to one, but the R&Rs suggest that three or more would be allowed. Since the board cannot alter the CC&Rs, this provision of the R&Rs is void and should be removed. We should follow the CC&Rs' one sign rule. In the event a person wants more than 1 sign the architecture committee must approve.
  3. Y N [ADD] Prevent noxious fertilizing on the weekend. A new rule should be added. "No owner shall spread strong smelling fertilizer (manure, etc.) on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday."

CC&R Changes (require community approval)

  1. Allow renting out one room if owners are present. Article XVII, Section 9. (page 39): As written, the owner may not rent out any rooms in the house, only the whole house. This should be changed to allow an exception: one lease of less than the entire Lot, provided that the owner is residing at the Lot. This will let people with extra rooms stay in good financial health while ensuring that the owner is present to keep an eye on things.
  2. Save costs by reducing inspection rate. Article VIII, 1.N. (page 18): Annual professional inspections should be cut back to every two years to save money. Volunteer inspections are sufficient and more cost effective at finding issues at the current time.
  3. Leave structural elements restrictions to the Architectural Committee. Article XV, 2.a.ii. (page 35): The restrictions on decorative structure elements are given as variables (x, y, and z) rather than actual numbers, making it hard to enforce this restriction. This flawed clause should be removed and left up to the Architectural Committee.

Bylaws changes (require community approval)

  1. Allow only members in good standing to serve on the board. The Bylaws, Article VI, say that "nominations may be made from among members or non-members." This should be changed to say, "nominations may be made from among members in good standing."

Action Items

  1. The CC&Rs require that the Architecture Committee have five members, but currently five members do not vote on submitted plans. We should have a five-person Architecture Committee to be compliant with the CC&Rs.

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