Fight the Stop Sign at Stonegate and Graystone

A stop sign has been proposed at Stonegate and Graystone, inconveniencing all of us who travel Stonegate each day to work or to school. The last time such a change to the traffic patterns in our neighborhood was done, it cause widespread outrage. Why go through this nuisance again? Help fight the stop sign before it is too late.

Send email to Councilman Dennis Zine at Use the letter below, or even better, let Mr. Zine know how the stop sign will inconvenience you personally. If enough of us speak up, hopefully we can stop this before it is too late. Please forward this to your neighbors so that we can get more people involved.

Subject: NO stop sign at Stonegate and Graystone!
Councilman Zine,

Please do NOT install a stop sign at the corner of
Stonegate and Graystone in West Hills.

A stop sign at this location would needlessly
inconvenience the hundreds of residents who have to
travel this way for work and school every day.  It
would also cause wear and tear on the vehicles that
have to screech to a halt on this very steep hill.

The last traffic "improvement" that was installed in
our neighborhood was a speed bump on Overland near
Stonegate.  I attended the neighborhood meeting after
this bump was installed and numerous residents were
very upset about it.  It will be the same for this
stop sign.

I feel very strongly on this issue.  I have supported
you in past elections but if this stop sign is
installed I would not do so again.

Last modified on 13 Oct 2007 by AO