ScraM Designer

Starting the Designer

  1. Download the designer
  2. Launch the Designer
    1. On a Mac, Shift-click on the downloaded JAR file and click 'Open', then click 'Open' again on the dialog that appears. (More information on Mac OS security here)
    2. On Linux or Windows: Double-click on the downloaded JAR file.

(If double-click launching isn't set up, then run this command: java -jar scram.jar)

Using the Designer

NOTE: To save your modlet, you need to log in to the ScraM server first to learn your ScraM password

When the Designer first launches it will ask for your Minecraft user name. You must use the username you use in Minecraft, but for the password use the ScraM password from the ScraM server.

In the main Designer screen you use two main techniques:

For more information, read the detailed documentation:

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