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SiteGenesis Help

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SiteGenesis generates a web site from files in a source directory, making the new copy in the target directory. It remembers these directories so the next time you run you just need to hit "Run". It automatically does certain enhancements to your website (such as obfuscating HTML) but it's real power comes when you create a SiteGenesis.ini file in the root of your site and set the preferences. View a list of preferences here.

It is safe to generate the website multiple times to the same target. Files from the source location that have changed will be re-generated. Files that haven't changed are untouched.


Changing Preferences

The SiteGenesis.ini file in the source directory holds the preferences for the entire site. You can control things like HTML tag obfuscation, in which a tag like "HTML" becomes "hTmL" to make your HTML harder to read and steal. To turn this on make sure there is a line like this in your root SiteGenesis.ini file:
TagCaps Obfuscate

Folder Preferences

Folder preferences are preferences specific to a certain folder. They are easy to create, simply make a new SiteGenesis.ini in a certain folder and the preferences it contains will override those from any parent folder. In this way you can make a certain directory look different than the rest of the site.

Publishing Your Site

Once you have run SiteGenesis and your site is in new-site (or whatever target folder you chose), simply upload the content of that folder to your website. If the website is hosted on the same server where you run SiteGenesis, simply point the root of the webserver to the new-site folder.
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